Does Canada get Snow Days?

This is a serious and legit question. I plan to move to Toronto where the winters there are similar to Wisconsin or Minnesota in the US. However, I currently live in Philadelphia and even though we get snow, we will close our schools if it’s over 3 inches. I heard places like Chicago NEVER close their schools and their kids go to school and adults go to work in a foot of snow. So that had me thinking about Canada…I wonder if they ever close schools for inclement weather. Canada is known for being cold and snowy so I would doubt that they would be scared of a little snow. In my current position I work from home so I never have to go outside my house but if I can’t keep this job then I will have to face the brutal cold and I am not looking forward to that.

I did a little research and found that according to

The decision is usually focused on expected traffic problems during a major ice or snow storm rather than giving much consideration to the wind and cold temperatures.

Here are a few situations:

  • When it is not safe for teachers to drive their vehicles to work resulting in high staff absenteeism then schools will probably be closed.
  • When it is not safe for school buses and school taxis to follow their routes picking up students then school bus routes will be cancelled.
  • When it is not safe for parents to drive their students to school in the family vehicle after discovering the school bus did not pick up their children then schools may be closed.
  • Rather than deciding to close schools an attempt might be made to contact parents and guardians by radio stations, Internet or robot telephone calls to advise them that attendance is optional that day. (See parent’s discretion above.)
  • Schools may be closed early and school buses may take the students home early if a major storm is predicted to arrive before or near the normal school closing time.

This list is only for Southern Canada like Toronto but for Northern Canada they may close if the temperature drops -40 degrees Celsius or the wind chill drops to -40. I can’t even fathom that type of cold! Anything below 20 degrees and I don’t want to even look outside when that’s cold. I also found a Twitter exchange from the Toronto District School Board that said they haven’t had a weather related closing in over 10 years so yea….my baby will be going  to school everyday until she graduates!

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